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Mr. Taxi

Before I go to sleep, I have to let out my excitement for SNSD's upcoming Japanese single! It has been too long since their last single. Hoot was alright but it left me wanting more, I actually don't even listen to Hoot any more unless it comes on my playlist shuffle. I need something fierce, dark, edgy, in-your face, bam! AKA Run Devil Run 2.0. But if it's like Genie then that would work too. From the short preview, it has potential to be catchy but I am not sure if it's exactly what I had in mind! April 27th, hurry up! I want a new SNSD song that I can listen to non-stop. I remember listening to Run Devil Run and Genie every single day I drive to and from school. I actually believe Genie is my good luck song! Every time I listen to it, good things start to happen. I think I need to listen to it again because this semester is not so great. </3

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The Real Housewives of Miami

(L-R) Alexia, Marysol, Larsa, Cristy, Lea, Adriana

Before I start on this, something has been bothering me about Bravo. I have to say I have a love/hate relationship with Andy Cohen. But it's leaning more towards hate these days. I love him for creating all the addicting real housewives series (minus OC) but his personality and face grate my nerves to no end! I should seriously be considered to be the president of Bravo. I would make Real Housewives for every state! & I would treat the people that make me rich with respect! I can't stand his snide remarks about these ladies as soon as they are off the screen. So ungrateful and disrespectful. Combined with those wonky eyes and smirk, ugh, I can't. Paper bag!

Moving on to something much better, the Real Housewives of Miami! I watched the first episode of this season with an open mind, I really wanted to like it. The 1st episode was bland, but I accepted that because the first episode of NYC, or half of the 1st season of NYC, was bland too and now it is one of Bravo's highest rated shows. With that in mind, I continued to give chances to this show thinking it would get better, and it did! I am glad I stuck with it. There is a slow progression leading to an intense finale and a chaotic reunion! I think the conflicts during the reunion should prove to Bravo that this needs Season 2. Come on Bravo! You can't cancel this show, you already canceled DC. I have a feeling that Season 2 will be much better and I am so interested to see more, especially of my favorite housewife of Miami, Adriana! This leads to a short review of my impressions of each house wife, starting on the right:

1) Adriana: I am a lover of accents and I just love this girl's speech so much. So amazing and addicting. I can listen to her speak all day. In fact, I am already missing her voice on my tv! Please Bravo, produce Season 2, I need to hear her voice! I think she was drunk during the reunion and she couldn't stop arguing, it was hilarious! Such a fun, explosive personality. Team Adriana all the way.

2) Lea: She has such an alpha personality. If this was NYC, I think she would be Jill. She actually reminded me of the witches from the movie Hocus Pocus and I was scared of her face at first. I think she's okay, but her comments can be rude. I didn't like that she said, "I collect people" as if they are objects.

3) Cristy: She was actually my pre-select before the show began! She looked the prettiest to me. After the first few minutes of the first episode, she quickly slipped and kept on slipping to the bottom of my list. I hate how she speaks and the way she licks the top of her mouth to be cute/sexy? I don't know, but it's awkward. The main drama of this season started with her and continued until the reunion, so she has to come back if there was a 2nd season.

4) Larsa: I can see why she is BFFS with Cristy! They both have the high school mentality. And her "ohh that's cute" or "ohh you are so cute" fits that high school image perfectly! I know many people are against her coming back for season 2 but she's so ignorant and feisty that I can't help but find her amusing! She has some of the most entertaining quotes. Here is one of them: "A real psychic would say something nice about you, like ... 'you have nice hair'. Sooooo cute!

5) Marysol: She's nice, but I think her mom overshadowed her big time. She seemed like such a mellow person, she didn't do much during the season at all. Whether she was there or not didn't really make a difference. I was surprised that she started arguing with Larsa at the reunion though! I am glad she brought it because I think I started to like her by then.

6) Alexia: She's so pretty! She was boring for most of the season too but I find her classy and she will fight back when attacked. She did this on the reunion, I wish there was more to this but they cut it short. I can see Bravo not inviting her back if there was a Season 2 though. I still like her!


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